About Artist SinGh

Artist SinGh on Americas got Talent
To write about myself in first person sounds like bragging but here is what others have to say: Artist Singh is most famous and controversial artist in South West, Michigan. He owns huge an art studio in Kalamazoo. In 2001 Artist SinGh was quickly making news and became a spectacle in Southwestern Michigan. He levitates, jumps from buildings, hangs himself from a crane... Let’s face it, Artist SinGh is different and he loves unconventional methods. The Kalamazoo Gazette referred to him as the man who redefines art. Some like to characterize him as “The World’s Best Stunt Painter” who break all the ground rules—like painting without a brush. In addition to one-man exhibitions and public sculptures in many parts of the world, Artist SinGh’s work is on permanent display in his galleries in Kalamazoo, Dubai, and India. His work is characterized as futuristic by a sense of balance in our daily lives. It is both powerful and personal. And when it comes to his large scale sculpture, he not only likes be a part of the sculpture but also encourages onlookers to explore its magic. Many of his artwork are large and require engineering credentials to fabricate.

CONTACT:  artistsingh@hotmail.com