Stunt Project starts tomorrow

Artist SinGh hangs from a Crane in Detroit Michigan

As many of you know that I have done thousands of paintings while doing stunts. All this started in dubai where I grew up. I have painted on building, moving cars, on bicycle riding backwards, jumping from towers and pole, and more.

I had the blog going since 2006 but never had a plan to do daily paintings. The reason was that I have been so busy with bigger stunt shows, art shows and galleries .  last week, when I read an article about painting daily I thought I could do that with my stunt paintings.  So this is the plan,  I will do the smaller stunts in my studio on daily basis and put the end result on my blog for sale. I plan to sell on ebay and prints will be available on fine art america .com. This is great way to buy my original for reasonable price of $99.00 in an auction on ebay.

I do have plans to shoot the video for each stunt painting in future when I am ready to do so. This way you can get the idea how your painitng was made. But for right now all you will see is a picture on the blog me performing the stunt and painting at the same time.

This is gonna  be lots of fun if didnt get hurt...LOL.

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 __Artist SinGh