About Artist SinGh And his Art 2015

Have you seen him?  He dangles from the end of a crane line holding a canvas, producing a piece of art work.  He rides a bicycle backwards, holding a canvas, producing a piece of art work.  He goes after  Guinness world records for the longest canvas painting and then he cuts it up and gives it away.  This guy, a stunt artist or is he a "real" artist performing stunts for recognition of his artwork. 
Artist's work, regardless of the stunts, must speak to the audience for recognition.  The Artist SinGh, is a man possessed of a passion to produce art since he was a child.  He is a product of the time and culture he lives in as each recognized artist is.  Then the drama and tension sets in,  will he be recognized. How or what does an artist have or need to be recognized for what he is offering up.

Each of Singh" images, pleasant or controversial is taking the viewer to see another aspect of the self.  Who are we in the world?  Who do we want to become in this world?  We now live in a one world mentality and awareness.  What is happening to one is affecting the all.  We all survive or we all perish.  A hundred years ago we lived in very separate well defined social order of who belongs where.  That line has disintegrated. There are still haves and have-nots, the rich, the poor, and the in between, but the outside structure, the rigidity is gone.  Remember when we struggled to color inside the lines.  In the same way we are able, in a universal social order, to move up or down or sideways,  That symbolic confining line is not present in Singh's work.  Singh constructs his images by tapping into a universal energy we are now all aware of and just beginning to understand through new sciences like fractals.  Singh literally, sings the image to life and the viewer is entranced to see the image take form though a series of curved lines and just a touch of color.