When you need a break play pool its not all that BAD

Advantages After long hours of painting in the studio one hour of exercise has its benefits but shooting pool is not all that bad either. 


Artist Singh, Kalamazoo, Michigan

A. Hand and eye co-ordination is a skill learned while playing. (Helps me in Art)
B. Creates a competitive spirit in a team or individual situation.
C. Enhances communication skills.
D. Allows for competition without physical abuse.
E. Develops decision making as an individual or in a team concept.
F. Develops an inner strength through competition.
G. May be palyed as an intense or relaxing sport.
H. Develops an ability to think on ones feet
I. May be played by almost anyone regardless of age or sex and with only rare physical restrictions. Many homes now have a table in the family room where all members of the family have an opportunity to enjoy this facinating sport.