Artist SinGh Caricature

Hello, My Name Is.... 

The Artist cartoon, a man in grey, 
exaggerates an artist, but it’s clever play.
The black hat he wears is a sign of regard, 
and his beard like a brush means wisdom in art. 
His passion sparks in a red-faced glow,
and his wisdom and fire constantly flow
through an hourglass. Charged by this muse,
his white brush will spread all hues.
Who is this man? His yellow badge proclaims,  
“Hello, Artist Singh’s my name.”
In black, grey, red, and yellow, 
He’s a dapper guy—and a mellow fellow. 


The Artist Singh cartoon is an exaggeration of the man himself. The cartoon is a man with a black hat and long beard tapering like a paintbrush. In many cultures, a hat symbolizes respect and a beard signifies wisdom in one’s field. The cartoon’s face is red, denoting passion for art. An hourglass between his face and beard suggests the passage of time as passion pours from his head to his white paintbrush. The cartoon wears grey-and-black clothes with a yellow name tag that reads, "Hello, my name is Artist SinGh."