Large Size paintings by Artist Singh

The power of women”is a painting that was rated top 25, dedicated to cancer patients and it’s a tribute to the courage, strength and motivation that women possess. The original painting called “Wave of Freedom” was dropped after working on it for almost a year when I crossed paths with a woman on her horse. The elegance of this heavenly creature was so astounding that any artist would want to freeze in the moment. After speaking with this woman I learned that the owner of the horse is a young lady with cancer. I decided to dedicate this painting in honor of this brave, passionate woman. Her story touched me so much that I wanted to portray the love, the sacrifice and the strength that is within all women. I personally visited and selected the subjects from all over Michigan just for this purpose. These are real women with real stories in which horses have enriched their lives.
The work is created using a unique technique called drip painting.
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Medium: Acrylics (Drip Painting)
Size: 10 feet X 35 feet
Paint: 124 quarts / 31 gallons
Time spent: over 600 hours approx.
Display location: Artprize 2011
(TheBOB)Grand Rpids MI
Price: 1 million dollars


Title: "Ouch... my foot"
Size:6x8 feet