Artist Singh's story by D S Mangat (in Punjabi)

Mr. Dalbara Singh Mangat (Spokes person in the video)

        He is one of the  founding fathers of Gurdwara Sahib, Battle Creek Michigan.  He is an all rounder--an entrepreneur, a hockey player, an international hockey empire retired, a writer, a spokesperson, a devotee, a gentleman, a scholar, and above all an asset to Sikh community in south west Michigan.

About the Painting
To transcend is to go to a higher level, to go above and beyond the ordinary. Transcendental knowledge is much higher than the knowledge of our mundane existence. I have named my painting “the transcendental” because this work is transcending me to another level of discipline—making the world’s longest painting in 45 days and working for 20 hours a day to do something that has never been done before. This also reminds me of my surreal experience of being buried alive for three days.

About Artist Singh

 Michigan’s Most Renowned Artist, Artist SinGh has performed many dangerous stunts while painting. He has built large scale sculptures, some up to 100 feet tall. His art can be found around the world in palaces and galleries. He is the author of children and art books. He is known for controversial art subjects. Many news stories have been written about him, the Kalamazoo Gazette has stated he is redefining art. He has mastered many techniques and has even created many new techniques to create art. He has stated “many might not see the meanings about these captive ideas but they have existed for thousands of years and will continue to exist—I am captive to making of art.”