Michigan-based Gurmej Singh's ‘World’s Longest Painting’ in "the indian american"

Michigan-based Gurmej Singh's ‘World’s Longest Painting’

A Michigan-based artist Gurmej Singh’s work titled “Transcendental,”  an 11,300-foot long painting he attempted to display in a local art competition, has set a Guinness World Record for creating the “World's Longest Painting” by an individual. 

Gurmej Singh, who uses Artist SinGh as his professional identity and bills himself as "the world's best parallel processing stunt painter," has had several run-ins with the local art community for his work, which includes gimmicks such as painting while reclining on a motorcycle, or being buried alive for three days.

SinGh told mlive.com that he had to meet stringent Guinness standards to succeed. According to mlive.com, the final version of SinGh's entry for ArtPrize 2013, the local competition, was disqualified for a rules violation and ordered removed prior to the Sept. 18 opening of the fifth annual exhibition and $560,000 competition.

In 2009, he built what he described as "the world's tallest easel" at The B.O.B. in Grand Rapids, Mich., and painted on top of a 75-foot-tall scaffold in front of it for several days. Two years later, he painted "The Power of Women," a 35-foot long, 10-foot high, life-size painting of women on horseback, also on display at The B.O.B.

Last year, however, SinGh's installation of an effigy of Saddam Hussein, hanging by a noose in a cage in The B.O.B. parking lot, was removed by owner Greg Gilmore just hours before the opening of the ArtPrize 2012, mlive.com reported. 

In September, ArtPrize officials said SinGh's project, titled "The Transcendental," changed dramatically from the original approved proposal to be installed in Sixth Street Park north of downtown Grand Rapids along the east bank of the Grand River. Singh was to create an acrylic drip-painting 10 to 12 feet high by 30 to 40 feet long. After visiting the site, SinGh decided to change his project to the world's longest painting, spending 38 days painting more than 2 miles of paper. "When I embarked (on) this life-changing journey, I knew it wouldn't be easy,” he said.