How to get a free painting

Hello friends, Some of you know me and some may not. I am Artist SinGh, , inventor of LatroArt, TV producer, holder of several world records, author of the book "My Experiments with Art", and founder of Artist Singh Academy that provides world’s most comprehensive art marketing training and personal development programs for the artists.

 I am blessed to say that I’m doing what I love the most- painting.  This year, I am giving away one painting a day, yes its true!  You can subscribe my blog to keep up with recent updates on this project.


Email me the picture of what I should make for you or describe exactly what you want me to make. From daily emails I’ll choose one or two paintings or drawings. Here is best part it doesn’t cost you anything. I will even pay the shipping for you and send the artwork to you at no cost.
Note: if there are more people requesting a painting you will be automatically next in line
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