Detroit Treasure Hunt by Artist Singh

Michigan's most renowned Artist Singh will be giving away $1,000,000 worth of artwork at this years Great Lakes Food, Art and Music festival in the form of an "Art Treasure Hunt" in the heart of downtown Detroit!

Art fans will be able to discover about 100 artworks at random locations each day for three days and the only clue will be a photo of the location and the art on his social media channels and website. Once discovered by a fan , take a picture, post it on social media (FB, Instagram, twitter or Snapchat and use the hashtag #DetroitTreasureHunt and #ArtistSingh. 

Artist Singh will using his unique style called LatroArt to produce 100 individual pieces valued over $10,000 each to promote the festival and the Great Lakes of Michigan! 

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Artist Singh to hang himself upside-down in Campus Martius Park

Michigan's renowned Artist SinGh will perform live at the Food, Art and Music fest in Detroit, Michigan. Artist SinGh will hang himself upside down from a crane while making a painting at the same time.....This painting will be donated to charily.

 Hope he doesn't fall!!!

Also at the festival see the display of  his latest work a large-scale LatroArt painting. Painting is about 30 x 40 feet.

JULY 28, 29 & 30



FRI  Hanging at 8 pm

SAT  Hanging at 3 pm

SUN hanging at 3 pm

Don't miss the hanging! you could be one lucky spectator taking home one of the historic and priceless painting that is created while artist hanging upside-down.


About Artist Singh
He is widely known as Artist SinGh, is a famous and controversial artist based in South West, Michigan who holds several world records in art. Artist Singh is a renowned inventor of LatroArt, author of the book "My Experiments with Art", and founder of Artist Singh Academy that provides world’s most comprehensive art marketing training and a top personal development programs for the artists.  ‘The World’s Best Stunt Painter’, SinGh rose to fame with his unique ability to paint while performing stunts such as levitating, jumping from heights, hanging himself from trees, etc. His shows are high on entertainment quotient, while producing some finest art pieces. The Kalamazoo Gazette has referred to him as the man, who redefines art.


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