Artist SinGh is selling pieces of his worlds longest painting

World’s Longest Painting is For Sale:

Michigan’s well known artist, "Artist Singh”, plans to break an existing record in the “Guinness Book of Records” by making World’s Longest Painting. It will be displayed at the world’s largest art contest that attracts over 1 million visitors. During this event the entire city of Grand Rapids turns into an art gallery. The painting will be displayed at "Six Street Park" on the bank of Grand Rapids River. The longest painting is planned to measure 2500m (8202.1ft.) and will be displayed on September 18, 2013. This challenge will take 3 months to complete.

Artist SinGh Cause: To raise awareness about Liberty for Women, wellbeing of women, and role of women in our society and around the world.

Price: $49.99

First 200 buyers of Artist SinGh’s painting (The Transcendental) will be recognized as sponsors of the painting and will be given special credit in all media, website material, and their names will be published on Singh’s website.

• Reserve your piece (about 2x3 feet) today
• Pay via credit card, PayPal , check or cash to: Artist SinGh
• Call the Gallery at 269-978-0808

We all know that dreaming is free but converting those dreams into reality can be expensive. That’s where sponsors like you can help.

Thank you for your support.
Artist SinGh