About Artist Singh

Artist SinGh is a famous and controversial artist based in South West, Michigan. Called ‘The World’s Best Stunt Painter’, SinGh rose to fame with his unique ability to paint while performing stunts such as levitating, jumping from heights, hanging himself from trees, etc. His shows are high on entertainment quotient, while producing finest art pieces. The Kalamazoo Gazette has referred to him as the man, who redefines art. In addition to the one-man exhibitions and public sculptures in many parts of the world, his work is on permanent display in galleries in US, Dubai, and India. He is also known for his unique drip painting technique, where he paints without actually touching the canvas. . He has built large-scale sculptures, some up to 100 feet tall. He is the author of children and art books. He is known for controversial subjects in art. Many news stories have been written about him. He has stated “many might not see the meanings about these captive ideas but they have existed for thousands of years and will continue to exist—I am captive to making of art.”

SinGh’s love for unconventional painting methods has made him the center of attraction. In the past, SinGh has been widely reported by the media for his controversial works.
Artist Singh holds several World Record in Art
Currently, Artist SinGh lives in NYC
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