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MJ by artist SinGh

By Artist Singh
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Sarah's vision

This post has been removed and no copies will be available for sale. please visit the link below to see similar work of art by Artist Singh

together 1 by Artist Singh

Together 1
by Artist Singh
together Series
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The Dancer

Sorry this post has been removed
please visit the link below for similar works of art by Artist Singh

"Daily Art " Sometime called painting a day, a painting a day or daily painting .

I make art almost daily. My collectors tells me that it is best way to acquire "Artist SinGh brand" painting for a reasonable price. Many artists paint  small size paintings daily and sell it for 100 dollars a piece.  I choose the size, material and supplies based on and  best the for my subject matter.  I really don't worry about the size and don't want the price to interfere with  my creative process.
So my works that are sold here via my blog is priced at 100/ piece. All you have to do is click the link and pay via PayPal and my studio will ship the painting ASAP.

Artist SinGh soon to start worlds longest Drawing

Artist SinGh have named his Drawing “UTOPIA” meaning the only kind, the perfect piece of art and there is no other alike. Its going be on a paper which will depict all imaginary concept of ideal perfection. Form, shape, and lines so unique in its larger scheme of things.
Artist Singh plans to break Edmund Chen Zhi Cai world record for longest drawing by an individual.
The longest drawing by an individual is 601.255 m (1,972 ft 7.41 in) and was achieved by Edmund Chen Zhi Cai (Singapore) in Singapore on 29 July 2013. Artist Singh will break this record by drawing 1828 meter that is about 6000 feet.

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Artist SinGh’s worlds longest drawing contraption